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Welcome to 10Paisa.com

10paisa.com invites you in the field of small stocks and high returns. Our main goal is to give you high returns on your small investments.

You will be able to see newsletter every sunday,by using username and password provided by us to our subscribers.If you will make payment through credit card,then you will get username and password within 24 hours,otherwise after credit of your cheque to our account. We will recommend 5 stocks every week.

Value of 5 stocks will be Rs.10 to Rs.50

We will give detailed analysis about every stock, which we will recommend in our weekly newsletter. It will include Equity, Book Value, Financial results for 5 years, Ratio analysis and rate of growth for 5 years, Latest quarterly results, 52 weeks High/Low, Latest earning per share, Share price graph for 1 year, Share holding pattern etc. We suggest that you must book profits, when you are getting 25 to 30 percent return on any stock.

We also suggest that you should not invest more than Rs.15,000/- in any stock, as we never encourage overtrading. If you book profits with 25 to 30 percent returns with rotation of stocks as per our weekly newsletter, you will get high returns on your small investments. You must follow the principles in suggestions column too.

Recent Recommendations

Scripts Recomm.
As on
1 - 23/03/08 - - -
2 - 23/03/08 - - -
3 Mang. Chem. 23/03/08 16.05 28/03/08 18.75
4 Phoenix Intl. 23/03/08 18.45 28/03/08 21.20
5 - 23/03/08 - - -
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Extra Additions

You will be glad to know that you will get following Six items more, alongwith your weekly newsletter. So, Be a part of 10Paisa.com today for excellence in Indian stock market.

  • » IPO's: IPO's opening in next week, alongwith their rating.
  • » Sectors to Watch: You will get information about 3 different sectors, which can perform well in coming week.
  • » Stock in Futures: You will get recommendation of 1 stock in FUTURES with stop loss and detailed analysis every week.
  • » Multibagger: You will get recommendation of 1 stock having value of Rs. 100/- to Rs. 300/- with detailed analysis every week.
  • » Last Week's News: You will get 10 important News released in previous week, related with stocks having value upto Rs.100.
  • » Mutual Fund's Scheme: You will get recommendation of 1 scheme of any mutual fund (on current N.A.V ) every week with scheme's complete details, scoreboard, latest portfolio in assets, sectors and companies.Those investors,who don't have potential to buy bluechip companies'stocks and loosing the opportunity to participate in their growth,will now be able to invest in those schemes of mutual funds,which are having maximum percentage holding of those stocks, increasing recently.

We hope that these 6 extra additions along with weekly newsletter will be able to make you a smart investor and trading effectively in Indian stock market.

Subscription Charges

Subscription Period
Subscription Charges
3 Months 2500/-
6 Months 4000/-
1 Year 7000/-
Note: Subscription amount is inclusive of Service Tax @ 12.36%
Servvice Tax Registration No. STC/R-VI/LDH-III/B&FS/08/04
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Our subscribers will get 8-10 informative mails which includes pre-market report, post-market report and breaking news on every trading day.
If you are a registered subscriber of 10paisa.com but not getting these daily e-mails Please Contact Us.

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