Websilt is part of the Visual Playground
of Vijay Kumar, a Delhi (India) based designer. Rest of the parts of the playground are scattered on the websites the world over, some of which can be viewed in the “Portfolio” and “Client” section of this website.


This site is a compilation of projects undertaken by me and the same is reflected under the portfolio section of the website. The Company logos refer to the clients for whom the projects were undertaken. The designs as indicated in the portfolio section are designs developed by me as a part of project assigned to me during my tenure with as a designer with different organizations who had hired me for this purpose.

Name of clients and their logos is strictly meant for information purposes for the visitors on this site and will not be distributed, sold or rented to any third party.

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what am i best at?

Creating, developing and delivering an effective online presence that represents the image and identity of your business thru use of quality and different concepts and ideas reflected thru:

what i can work on?

I have developed multiple user friendly and SEO friendly websites using the latest applications including:

what my work philosophy

“To apply my knowledge, passion, experience and skills to develop several design concepts and to provide the best creative solution.”

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