Websilt is part of the Visual Playground
of Vijay Kumar, a Delhi (India) based designer. Rest of the parts of the playground are scattered on the websites the world over, some of which can be viewed in the “Portfolio” and “Client” section of this website.


A little bit about myself...

A senior web designer and developer with creative talent to appeal to your sense of style with passion for online media, front end development & creative online graphic designing and development with over 6 years industry experience. Not just limited to designing and development but delivering web applications and solutions including content management, website maintenance etc. Clients have ranged from small businesses, blue chip companies to international e-commerce companies.

As a freelancer, I have successfully delivered sites for clients

Like Ishir Digital, Web Logics, Trigno Soft, Pixel Dope, IT Dhaam, Krik Communication, Paper Fiber Impex any many more.

  • Ishir Digital
  • Weblogics
  • Trigno
  • Pixel Dope
  • IT Dhaam
  • Kirk Communication
  • Paper Fiber Impex

I specialize in standard based HTML, CSS and Java Script, web development using the latest development principles and techniques. My tenure and work experience at Webchutney has given me great opportunity to work for world renowned clients like Microsoft Office 2007, Windows Live, Airtel, HP, Airtel DTH, Ferrari, NIIT, MSD India, LG, Samsung, 7up, Capital 18, KFC India, Wipro, MakeMyTrip, Metlife, Stargaze, Star Majha, Star Ananada, Alootechie, Bombay Bitch, IRS Officers and many more.

  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Windows Live
  • Airtel
  • HP
  • Airtel DTH
  • Ferrari
  • NIIT
  • MSD India
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • 7up
  • Capital 18
  • KFC India
  • Wipro
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Metlife
  • Stargaze
  • Star Majha
  • Star Ananada
  • Alootechie
  • Bombay Bitch
  • IRS Officers

Want to Merge my creativity and skills with your business branding for that "PERFECT MIX"??

  • • Want to give your brand a personality
  • • To make it look presentable
  • • To make it relevant and user friendly
  • • Above all to make people "notice your brand"???

I am available for freelance work every so often.

If you have a particularly interesting project or if you just like to say hello...drop me an email and i will be more than happy to get back to as soon as possible.

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what am i best at?

Creating, developing and delivering an effective online presence that represents the image and identity of your business thru use of quality and different concepts and ideas reflected thru:

what i can work on?

I have developed multiple user friendly and SEO friendly websites using the latest applications including:

what my work philosophy

“To apply my knowledge, passion, experience and skills to develop several design concepts and to provide the best creative solution.”

my presence

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