Websilt is part of the Visual Playground
of Vijay Kumar, a Delhi (India) based designer. Rest of the parts of the playground are scattered on the websites the world over, some of which can be viewed in the “Portfolio” and “Client” section of this website.

about me!

Vijay KumarVijay, located in New Delhi, is the co-owner of Websilt, along with you, the clients of Websilt, located in your offices throughout the world. He is the visible face on web design and development professional working for Websilt, and again, Websilt in turn is working for you.

Websilt is a full-service Web site design and Internet marketing service dedicated to affording you with attractive design and bang on marketing of Web sites. It's a young company (with time and energy on its side). Vijay started his career since May 2005, and has been providing cutting edge web design services ever since. Vijay is an M.Sc (IT) from Sikkim Manipal University and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Delhi University.

Websilt has emerged from the professional experience of Vijay attained from serving in successful companies over the years. He has a strong desire to strike out on his own, which along with his passionate interest in Internet technologies have helped the companies he has served as well. While working on your projects, he manages to communicate with you without using technical jargon, and that's why he ends up with a better understanding of your requirements and specific problems being faced by you.

Vijay specializes in creating web pages that are compatible with all the browsers and load faster, thus driving the message home with minimal fuss. Right now he is concentrating on keeping the overheads low which results in lower costs for you. It doesn't matter where you are located, the level of service remains as personalized as it gets.

Last but not the least, Vijay looks at every website created as a part of his portfolio, and that's the reason he feels the same way as he looks at his own website. Need we say more?

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what am i best at?

Creating, developing and delivering an effective online presence that represents the image and identity of your business thru use of quality and different concepts and ideas reflected thru:

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I have developed multiple user friendly and SEO friendly websites using the latest applications including:

what my work philosophy

“To apply my knowledge, passion, experience and skills to develop several design concepts and to provide the best creative solution.”

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